Our products can be collected from our Depot situated at Chakas Rock (see map).
We also deliver and install instant lawn in the greater Durban and North Coast areas.

We pride ourselves on efficient and reliable service.

Lawn Maintenance Programme

Water lawns daily for the first 2 weeks after installation.
Water lawns frequently during dry periods.
Do not shave the lawn when mowing.
Mow weekly in summer and whenever necessary in winter.
Frequent mowing inhibits weed germination
Remove weeds before they seed to prevent germination.
Follow the fertilizer programme.
Fertilize lawns before and during winter to keep root stock healthy.
Treat lawns for crickets and caterpillars if observed.
Only topdress to level uneven established lawns, and not in place of fertilizer.
Use only rubber rakes (not plastic) and rake lightly when removing leaves.

Fertilizer Programme

Application: every 2 to 3 months or when the grass yellows.
Summer months: 4.1.1 or lan or wonderlawn
Winter months: 3.2.1 or wonderlawn
Application rate: 60 grams per square meter.
Only fertilize once grass is well rooted.
Water well immediately after applying fertilizer.
Please contact the depot for prices.
Prices vary depending on the quantity required and the area in which it is to be delivered.



Botanical name: Dactyloctenium australe
Common names: Berea shade

Lm grass

Features: Slightly broad leaf, with a pointed tip.

Lush, soft looking grass


Likes full sun, but is shade tolerant.


Needs to be fertilized and watered for best results.


Excellent in residential premises


Botanical name: Stenotaphrum secundatum
Common names: Buffalo grass
Features: Slightly broad leaf, with a rounded tip.

Strong grass, which forms a solid mat.


Likes full sun, but is shade tolerant.


Needs to be fertilized and watered for best results.


Good in sandy soils, and is drought tolerant.


Good in high traffic areas such as verges, car parks


Other instant lawn types available are Cynodon, Paspalum, Royal Blue and Kearsney Plugs
We also sell high quality Topsoil